For Students

Because Business Hotel Daiwa is close to many educational institutions, many students and their parents stay at our hotel during the exam season.

Nearby universities

※Links to access maps for each school.

Useful Links

Facility Train:Ekitan
Bus:Keio Bus
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Convenient area guide
for students

Musashino Art Gakuin A preparatory school for students taking an entrance exam for admission to an art university. It offers preparatory courses and final checks.
Honda Community
Center & Library
A 10-minute walk from the station.
Tama Pharmacy The pharmacy offers on-site consultation services by a pharmacist for immediate help if you are feeling ill. (Located just a 30-second walk away.)
Tokyo Metropolitan
Tama Medical Center
It offers emergency care services.
You will feel relieved to be close to a hospital in case of emergencies, such as feeling ill due to extreme stress.

Marui Kokubunji&
Celeo Kokubunji
(Inside the Kokubunji Station Bldg.)
Marui Kokubunji
Celeo Kokubunji
Maruetsu A grocery store located in front of the hotel.
(Family restaurant)
Located in front of the hotel.

About Reservations

Business Hotel Daiwa usually starts accepting reservations two months in advance as "advance student reservations" earlier than usual. Please check the following items before using online reservations.

Requirements and cautions

1.Please contact the hotel once if you are arriving after 10 p.m.
2.We may accommodate a request for late checkout until 1 p.m. at the latest. Staying after 1 p.m. will be considered the second night and require the basic accommodation charge.
3.Room cleaning for guests staying for two or more nights is offered until 1 p.m.
Please note that room cleaning is not available after 1 p.m.
4.Please refrain from using paints, coloring agents, etc. in the building and in the guest rooms.
5.Please note that you may have to pay for cleaning fee and repair cost if paints or coloring agents are attached.
6.Please refrain from using musical instruments in the building and in the guest rooms.

Cancellation Policy

1.Same-day cancellation: 80% of the room rate
2.Cancellation up tp seven days prior to the check-in date: 50% of the room rate
3.Cancellation made 14 to 8 days prior to the day before the check-in date: 20% of the room rate
4.If the number of days of the reservation shortens, cancellation charges equivalent to the number of days shortened will be charged.
5.In any case, cancellation charges equivalent to 100% of the room rate for the entire reservation will be charged for no-shows.

Questions and Answers

  • Q

    Are there rental desk lamps for studying?


    Each room is equipped with a desk lamp.

  • Q

    Do you offer bento on exam dates?


    Although we do not offer bento, the basement of a station building offers an ample selection of bento for guests to choose from based on their preferences.
    (A convenience store is located just a 15-second walk.)

  • Q

    Are there places to eat breakfast in the area?


    There are restaurants that serve breakfast in the vicinity. Please check the Area Guide page.

  • Q

    Would you keep my baggage before check-in or after checkout?


    Guests may leave their baggage at the front desk. Guests taking exams can go out with only the items they need.
    In addition, guests who plan to stay again after several days may leave their baggage until the next stay.
    (Please note that this is only for guests who have already paid for their reservations.)